Family Law


In Texas, an enforcement action is the method by which you can compel another party to comply with a court order. Some of the most common issues that arise requiring an enforcement action are:

  • Payment of child support
  • Maintenance of health and/or dental insurance
  • Paying the appropriate share of medical expenses
  • Failing to transfer assets after a property division

Stewart & Gretch are ready to assist in any enforcement action. For a court order to be enforceable if must be clear and specific, if an order is vague or otherwise difficult to implement then enforcement can become much more complex.

Child Protective Services

Learning your family is the target of a Child Protective Services investigation is uncharted territory for most people. The prospects of an investigation are frightening and it is hard to determine what your rights and obligations are. Stewart & Gretch assists their clients in navigating the investigative process and aim to resolve the matter as swiftly as possible.

Similarly, those parents who voluntarily enter “the system” by welcoming foster children into their homes can too feel in limbo and at the mercy of CPS. The attorneys at Stewart & Gretch are happy to provide advice and representation for foster parents seeking to assert their interests and pursue the adoption of the children in their care.