Just like every marriage every divorce is unique. Some divorces are amicable leading to a quick resolution and others are fiercely contested continuing for months or possibly even years. Divorce is a very unnerving and challenging time for everyone involved. A divorce impacts the family, finances, and numerous other aspects of day to day life. The Texas Family Code guides and protects individuals navigating through this tumultuous process. Stewart & Gretch will use their legal training and experience to support you through the process so that your result will be manageable.

A divorce begins when one spouse files an “Original Petition for Divorce”. The party who initiates the filing is referred to as the “Petitioner” and the spouse who is served with the petition is known as the “Respondent”. The length of the divorce is largely determined by the ability of the parties to work together to reach a suitable agreement. In most cases Texas requires a 60 day waiting period between the date the petition is filed and the date the “Final Decree of Divorce,” is signed by the court. The final decree disposes of or resolves all the issues related to the parties including those concerning any children, property, and debts.

Stewart & Gretch strive to swiftly negotiate a settled divorce agreement so that both parties can focus on moving forward. We believe unnecessarily spending time and money is not in the best interest of our clients or their families. As a result, we will work diligently to achieve an agreement that is fair. However, we will tirelessly advocate for our clients and will never retreat if improperly pressured by the other side. Although we strive to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes outside of court, at Stewart & Gretch we are always prepared to take a case to trial if and when necessary.