Child Custody

The possibility of losing time with their children is terrifying for most parents. Similarly, the children of parents facing divorce struggle to adjust to their changing circumstances. For these reasons Stewart & Gretch will fight to establish a parenting plan that best serves the needs of the client and the children involved

In Texas child custody is called “conservatorship”. A suit to determine conservatorship is called a SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship). If a husband and wife decide to divorce and the couple have children, then a SAPCR must be filed with the petition for divorce. Visitation in Texas is known as “possession”. Although Texas has a standard possession order, parents can agree to a parenting plan that is tailored to the individual needs of their children.

Ultimately, reaching an agreement concerning child custody is most ideal for all parties involved particularly the children. Stewart & Gretch will exhaust all efforts to effectuate a customized parenting plan for our clients and their children before resorting to the courts to insure our clients have quality and meaningful time with their children.

Unfortunately, some circumstances require court action to insure the emotional and physical health and well-being of the children. In these unfortunate situations, Stewart & Gretch will take swift action to protect our clients’ rights as parents and most importantly to insure the welfare of their children.