Firm Mission

You can trust the attorneys at Stewart & Gretch, PLLC to zealously advocate for your cause whether it be the end of a marriage, the beginning of a new one, the adoption of a child, estate planning for your family, or protecting your relationship with your children.  We will carefully consider the long and short term financial, emotional, and legal consequences of each action taken in your case.  Our goal is to protect you as our client, your relationship with your family, and your financial well-being in order to ensure a future full of success and happiness.

At Stewart & Gretch, PLLC we believe that all legal work should be completed by attorneys who are honest, ethical, and caring.

Honest:  At Stewart & Gretch we believe complete candor and honesty are essential to a process that results in decisions our clients have faith in. We provide our clients with a clear and detailed analysis of their situation and each of the potential courses of action as well as all the possible outcomes whether negative or positive so that every decision our clients make is a fully informed decision.   You have hired us to be your advocate and to provide you with forthright counsel, often during a difficult period of time, and you can trust us to give you honest feedback and representation.

Ethical:  Our ethical obligation to our client requires us to analyze the best course of action for each individual client and his or her unique set of circumstances. We pride ourselves in making our clients’ needs and the needs of their families the central priority and are determined to achieve an outcome that will provide a solid foundation for our clients moving forward. We will not advance a case or advocate for a cause that is not in the best interest of our client, physically, emotionally, or financially.

Caring:  At Stewart & Gretch our interest rests squarely with the family. We strive to look after and protect our clients as well as their families during what is often a tumultuous and emotional time for them. Our clients can rest assured that their experience with Stewart & Gretch will be constructive and will not only focus on the best possible outcome for the case but will pave the way for a successful future.