Nadia M. Stewart

Nadia is the mother of one young daughter and has lived in Round Rock, Texas for just over 10 years with her husband, a police officer.

Nadia obtained a degree in Political Science and Economics from California State University-San Marcos and received a full academic scholarship to what is now Texas A&M School of Law.  Nadia graduated third in her law school class and was a published member of the law review, writing on topics including expanding adoption rights all types of couples in order to ensure happy and healthy homes for children without parents.

Before opening the firm, Stewart & Gretch, Nadia zealously advocated for local public safety personnel and was involved in the negotiation of several multi-million dollar employment contracts as well as several high-profile civil and criminal cases involving local public safety personnel.

Nadia enjoys spending time with her family, travel, and equestrian sports.


Rosie Gretch

Rosie is the mother to two young daughters and has lived in Round Rock, Texas for 10 years.  Before attending law school, Rosie and her husband help support foster-children and their families and played an active role in obtaining donations and support for those children spurring her desire to become a family law advocate.

Rosie is active in the Round Rock schools and she and her husband, a firefighter, volunteer as athletic coaches for both of their daughters and the community.

Rosie attended the University of Texas at Austin and obtained a degree in Sociology.  Rosie then completed her law degree at Baylor University School of Law, the most rigorous law school program in Texas, and maintained an academic scholarship for the duration of her tenure.

While spending time with her family, Rosie enjoys traveling, supporting her daughters’ softball and volleyball teams, equestrian sports, and assisting with fostering through the Austin Pets Alive nonprofit.