About Stewart & Gretch, PLLC


Stewart & Gretch is a family owned and operated law firm. Nadia Stewart and Rosie Gretch are sisters and attorneys with a shared belief that as legal practitioners they have an obligation to their clients and their community. This obligation requires them to advise their clients in a manner that is most beneficial to the client’s long term prosperity and well-being. Our family first approach focuses on the ultimate success of our clients’ families rather than simply emphasizing “winning” the suit. Our method requires careful planning, strategic negotiation, and a forward thinking mentality. Our attorneys will provide guidance and support to each client throughout the legal process. Open and honest communication between client and attorney every step of the way is a central component of our practice methodology.

Nadia and Rosie understand that family law and even estate planning matters are difficult and that clients are often faced with confusing issues and choices. We guide our clients through the process by taking the time to explain each option and the potential consequence of every decision. No decision is made without a tremendous amount of careful thought and consideration in order to ensure our client’s ultimate success.

We believe providing our clients with complete transparency and sometimes brutal honesty allows them to make fully informed decisions that will benefit their future.

Every legal situation is unique. For many clients entering the legal system is frightening and stressful. Stewart & Gretch take the time to listen to their clients and ascertain each client’s individual goals and objectives before creating a plan tailored to meet those objectives. At Stewart & Gretch as we guide our clients through the legal process we remain adaptable and are readily prepared to efficiently handle any obstacle that may be thrown our way. It is our privilege to take some of the burden from our clients as we guide them through their legal journey.